Science Online and Me

If you are going to read one discussion of the collapse of Science Online, you need to read our own Eva Amsen’s analysis on her personal blog:

When I went to Science Online the last time, in 2014, it was very different from that first time in 2007. There were communication specialists and YouTubers and startup founders and publishers. I was there on behalf of a publisher. My trip had been paid for. I couldn’t just have fun – I had to work. It was different now. – Eva Amsen

Science Caturday: For the Women of ScienceOnline


It’s been a traumatic and bruising week for the science blogosphere, particularly for the ScienceOnline community (if you don’t know why, please come back next week for a normal, funny Science Caturday).  This one is for the women of ScienceOnline, you wonderful, smart, hardworking, funny, talented, kind, empathetic and supportive group. You deserve to be treated like the dedicated professionals you are. I stand with you. Whenever possible, I drink with you and eat cake with you.  I know it’s not much, but this cat’s for you.

Science Caturday: I can haz caption?

UPDATE: We haz winner!

I can haz caption?

The internet loves cats. The internet loves science. Michele regularly mashes these two things together to create something that is more than the sum of its parts: Science Caturday.

Since Michele and I will be too “busy” at ScienceOnline 2013 to come up with clever captions for this Saturday. So, we are giving you the opportunity to do our job for us and to make with the funny, the insightful, and the educational – caption these cats for us. Unlike most crowd sourcing efforts that try to get you to do someone else’s job for them without reward, we are going to reward the winning caption* with a ScienceOnline themed petri dish ornament by Michele.

ScienceOnline Petri DishesLeave your suggestions either in the comments section or by using the twitter hashtag #scihaz13. A winner will be chosen Saturday morning after we have had at least one cup of coffee. Selection criteria will be completely subjective and indefensible on any grounds.

*In the case that the legal personhood of the caption is not recognized by the United States government, we will award the artwork to the author of the caption.

ScienceOnline: More than a conference

The Finch & Pea would not exist as you know it today if it were not for ScienceOnline. Mike and I liked the pub idea, but also realized that a pub with only two people in it – no matter how interesting. clever, and handsome, was a pretty lousy watering hole. The enthusiasm for our approach to science communication I experienced at ScienceOnline2012 led to the decision to bring on more “staff” at The Finch & Pea and 60% of those additions are folks we only met because of ScienceOnline.

Science Online has not only been a positive force for The Finch & Pea, but for the development of online science communication as a whole. At the Science Writers 2012 conference, the Science Online community clearly represented a cadre of youthful (not necessarily young) and dynamic future leaders for science communication.

Now, they are asking for help to expand that community (not to subsidize the conference): Continue reading “ScienceOnline: More than a conference”

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