Survey Says

Paige Brown Jarreau is a graduate student at LSU. Her PhD thesis is on the science of science blogging. To collect data for her project, she has setup an online survey for science bloggers, which you should be taking if you are a science blogger.

As the role of science blogging expands and diversifies in today’s science news ecosystem, the practices and routines of science bloggers remain under-studied.

The goal of my project is to survey science bloggers about their blogging practices. Please take this survey if you consider yourself to be a science blogger.
Paige Brown Jarreau

I have taken the survey and found the self-reflection inherent in the process rewarding in its own right.

Science Caturday: For the Women of ScienceOnline


It’s been a traumatic and bruising week for the science blogosphere, particularly for the ScienceOnline community (if you don’t know why, please come back next week for a normal, funny Science Caturday).  This one is for the women of ScienceOnline, you wonderful, smart, hardworking, funny, talented, kind, empathetic and supportive group. You deserve to be treated like the dedicated professionals you are. I stand with you. Whenever possible, I drink with you and eat cake with you.  I know it’s not much, but this cat’s for you.