The nicest of guys

Anton Zuiker, co-founder of ScienceOnline and communications director for the Duke Department of Medicine, is one of the nicest, kindest people you can meet. Annoyingly, while thanking people for being generous and kind, he manages to be more generous, kind, and thoughtful than the people he is thanking.

Whither Water

8431325708_e9eb970bf2_bEva has been delighting us all recently with descriptions of her trips to spectacular water engineering trips to locations like Haarlemmermeer and Hoover Dam. At the end of January, I went on my own trip to see a water engineering project. I don’t know if it counts as spectacular, but it was fun and interesting. As a prelude to ScienceOnline 2013, Scott Huler showed a lucky few what he had learned about the Raleigh storm water sewer system while researching his book on the infrastructure of modern cities, On the Grid.

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You can see all my photos from the tour (well all the ones that turned out OKish) at my Flickr page. Continue reading “Whither Water”

People of ScienceOnline, Tell Me What You Want

I mentioned a few months ago that I would be attending the wonderful ScienceOnline conference that kicks off on January 30th in North Carolina. It’s only two weeks away, woo-hoo!

So now would be a great time for my fellow attendees to take a look at my work and tell me if there’s anything you would like me to bring along so you can see it “IRL”. I will have all the various designs of silk scarves with me, plus a few one-offs. If there’s a particular painting or collage in my shop that you would like to buy, please let me know in advance – I can knock off the shipping cost and hand-deliver (don’t forget to use code TWEEPS for 10% off). Otherwise, if you have a few you would just like to look at, send me a message via etsy, email or twitter, and I will make sure to bring them. Continue reading “People of ScienceOnline, Tell Me What You Want”

ScienceOnline: More than a conference

The Finch & Pea would not exist as you know it today if it were not for ScienceOnline. Mike and I liked the pub idea, but also realized that a pub with only two people in it – no matter how interesting. clever, and handsome, was a pretty lousy watering hole. The enthusiasm for our approach to science communication I experienced at ScienceOnline2012 led to the decision to bring on more “staff” at The Finch & Pea and 60% of those additions are folks we only met because of ScienceOnline.

Science Online has not only been a positive force for The Finch & Pea, but for the development of online science communication as a whole. At the Science Writers 2012 conference, the Science Online community clearly represented a cadre of youthful (not necessarily young) and dynamic future leaders for science communication.

Now, they are asking for help to expand that community (not to subsidize the conference): Continue reading “ScienceOnline: More than a conference”

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