Whither Water

8431325708_e9eb970bf2_bEva has been delighting us all recently with descriptions of her trips to spectacular water engineering trips to locations like Haarlemmermeer and Hoover Dam. At the end of January, I went on my own trip to see a water engineering project. I don’t know if it counts as spectacular, but it was fun and interesting. As a prelude to ScienceOnline 2013, Scott Huler showed a lucky few what he had learned about the Raleigh storm water sewer system while researching his book on the infrastructure of modern cities, On the Grid.

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You can see all my photos from the tour (well all the ones that turned out OKish) at my Flickr page.

On the tour I learned about modern, non-intuitive approaches to storm water management. I found out storm sewers are really walled in (and over) streams. I found graffiti that will trick future anthropologists into thinking worship of “Zoner” was a major religion in the Carolinas.

There is also video. Well videos. Three of them in which I make occasional appearances rocking the official ScienceOnline hardhat, headlamp, and Marty McFly vest.


Author: Josh Witten


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