Economic Regions

Dirk BrockmanPhysicist Dirk Brockman used data on dollar bill movements to identify economic regions.

While the physical transfer of cash may no longer represent our economic activity as well as it once did, it is still interesting stuff. I do quibble with the concept that the economic activity regions correspond to “states” (Brockman is German). I also think information on direction of flow is extremely important. I am happy to see that the concept of “The Carolinas” is apparently real and that Ohio State fans express their dislike of Michigan with their wallets too.

*Hat tip to Jennifer Ouellette.

Whither Water

8431325708_e9eb970bf2_bEva has been delighting us all recently with descriptions of her trips to spectacular water engineering trips to locations like Haarlemmermeer and Hoover Dam. At the end of January, I went on my own trip to see a water engineering project. I don’t know if it counts as spectacular, but it was fun and interesting. As a prelude to ScienceOnline 2013, Scott Huler showed a lucky few what he had learned about the Raleigh storm water sewer system while researching his book on the infrastructure of modern cities, On the Grid.

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You can see all my photos from the tour (well all the ones that turned out OKish) at my Flickr page. Continue reading “Whither Water”