The Finch & Pea at ScienceOnline 2013

The Finch & Pea VennPrior to ScienceOnline 2012The Finch & Pea was a two man operation, literally. It was Mike and me. Grouchy and cantankerous; but lovable and cuddly. Now, we number eight. We may be a bit less grouchy, but we remain lovable and cuddly. Our new comrades over the past year – Marie-Claire, Michele, Sarah, Ben,  Heidi, and Eva – have added a lot of variety

And, The Finch & Pea is going to be very well represented at ScienceOnline 2013. Marie-Claire, Michele, Heidi, and I will all be attending the event itself in Raleigh, NC (30 Jan-2 Feb). Michele and Marie-Claire will be leading sessions (details below). I will be investigating the mysteries of Raleigh’s storm sewers with Scott Huler. If I return, you may buy me malty beverages in the hotel bar. Eva has helped organize the London ScienceOnline 2013 Watch Party.

test_logo_06Michele will be leading a session at ScienceOnline 2013 on the use of visual metaphors in science, language & art (4PM on 31 Jan). #meta4

test_logo_06Marie-Claire will be leading a session at ScienceOnline 2013 on science education and science writing (10:30AM on 1 Feb).

test_logo_06Marie-Claire will also be leading a session at ScienceOnline 2013 on communicating science when there is no science communication infrastructure (10:30AM on 2 Feb).


Author: Josh Witten

5 thoughts on “The Finch & Pea at ScienceOnline 2013”

  1. As part of the London Watch Party we’re going to Skype in to the main conference during lunch on Saturday! If you want to say hi to us from the main event, find Laura Wheeler, who will coordinate the Raleigh end of the Skype chat 🙂

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