Science Caturday: We haz winner!

Over the weekend, we tried an experiment to let you caption the Science Caturday post. And we have a winner:


For her efforts, Kim will be receiving a lovely, painted, old-school, glass petri dish in the unique style of our own Michele Banks.
ScienceOnline Petri Dishes (Michele Banks)
Apparently, Kim taught herself “LOLCAT” just for the contest. Linguistically, I enjoy the conversion of “gravity” into “grabbity”, because it still contains a nugget of what gravity does. In fact, grabbity may just be a better word than gravity. This is how I ruin these things for everyone.

Other honorable mentions:

@scienceisntscary: I can haz phlogistonburger?

@colovelo: So long and thanks for all the fish.

@tehpet: Levitashunz kitteh travels to #scio13 in style.

If you don’t see your submission here, it does not mean that we did not like your effort. It just means that we did not find it as entertaining as any of those listed above.

Author: Josh Witten

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