Science Caturday: Mysteries of the Sofa

For once, you should listen to the dog.


Science Caturday: Self-Cleaning


A team of scientists from University College London report that they have developed a tough new self-cleaning paint. In a paper published in this week’s issue of Science, the researchers say the paint, made from coated titanium dioxide nanoparticles, is not only extremely repellent to water, but won’t get ruined even if it’s scratched or exposed to oil. Because it is so hard-wearing, it could be used for a wide range of applications, from clothing to cars. Reached for comment, our Caturday correspondent Professor Kibble said, “Big deal. I haz been self-cleaning since I was a itty-bitty kitty. I iz also extreemly rezistant to water (see Fig. 1 above).”





Science Caturday: We haz winner!

Over the weekend, we tried an experiment to let you caption the Science Caturday post. And we have a winner:


For her efforts, Kim will be receiving a lovely, painted, old-school, glass petri dish in the unique style of our own Michele Banks. Continue reading “Science Caturday: We haz winner!”

Science Caturday: Is Alcohol the Solution?


Is Chemistry Cat correct? Is alcohol indeed the solution? I know a lot more about cats than about chemistry, so I invited an expert, Dr. Rubidium, a real live chemistry professor with a PhD and everything, to explain: Continue reading “Science Caturday: Is Alcohol the Solution?”

Science Caturday: Cats vs. Dogs

Presented without comment

Images via Quickmeme (top) and Memebase.

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