Science Caturday: Self-Cleaning


A team of scientists from University College London report that they have developed a tough new self-cleaning paint. In a paper published in this week’s issue of Science, the researchers say the paint, made from coated titanium dioxide nanoparticles, is not only extremely repellent to water, but won’t get ruined even if it’s scratched or exposed to oil. Because it is so hard-wearing, it could be used for a wide range of applications, from clothing to cars. Reached for comment, our Caturday correspondent Professor Kibble said, “Big deal. I haz been self-cleaning since I was a itty-bitty kitty. I iz also extreemly rezistant to water (see Fig. 1 above).”





Science Caturday: On the Foragin’ of Feces


The news traveled through the science twittersphere like a bad burrito – you can sell your poop for big bucks! Rachel Feltman’s article in the Washington Post got all sorts of people interested in selling their, ahem, solid waste to a company called OpenBiome, which collects, banks and distributes fecal matter to hospitals, which use it to perform fecal transplants on patients with hard-to-cure C. difficile infections.

Alas for most of those who wish to cash in rather than flush away, would-be sellers have to pass stringent tests and also live near the company’s headquarters. And at the moment, there’s no demand for cat poop, although many of us collect lots of it every day. Darn.

Science Caturday: Made it!

It was a long week, wasn’t it, kittens? But we made it through.


Science Caturday: A Triumph of Applied Physics


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Science Caturday: Quantum Kitty Returns

slitDead or alive? Wave or particle? Kittehs handle all the tough physics questions.

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