Science Caturday: Let’s Call Him Beaker



Science Caturday: Quantum Kitty Returns

slitDead or alive? Wave or particle? Kittehs handle all the tough physics questions.

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Science Caturday: Teh ENCAT Project


Ubber 20% = 5% snuggles, 5% noms, 5% ebil and 5% catnip.  Moar interested in hoomin DNA? See Josh Witten’s latest post on the ENCODE project here.

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Science Caturday: Sacrificing for Science


Thank you, sir! But if everyone did the same, soon there would be no more scientists.

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Science Caturday: Mycrobe Catnip Toys

It’s always exciting to find another person working at the less-crowded intersection of art, science and kitties, so I was delighted to discover the work of Talia Jewell, a scientist who makes needle-felted, catnip-infused toys for lucky cats. She sells her creations at her etsy shop, Mycrobe , and she shared a little of the background behind her unique work. Continue reading “Science Caturday: Mycrobe Catnip Toys”