Happy Easter from Chemistry Cat


All of us at The Finch and Pea send our wishes for a joyous Easter to all those who celebrate, and a sciency Sunday to all.

Science Caturday: Congratulations, Graduates!

It’s that time of year, when students finally enjoy the rewards of all their hard work. In case it all seems like a blur, here’s a quick refresher. i-have-no-idea


somesort Well, done, graduates! Someday you, too, may be a tenured Chemistry Cat!

Science Caturday: Properties of Water

We know that alcohol is a solution, but is warm water really a kitty solvent?


We might need to consult Chemistry Cat again.

photo via Cheezburger.com

Science Caturday: I don’t get it, Chemistry Cat


I guess that makes me one of the other kind.

Science Caturday: Let’s Call Him Beaker


via Cheezburger.com

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