Are you a Twitter Science Superstar?

by Brainleaf Communications

In the beginning, there was Neil Hall’s tone deaf “Kardashian Index”. Then there was Science Magazine’s list of 50 Twitter science superstars. Combined they painted a pretty clear picture that being active on social media was only considered a desirable characteristic in a thin slice of the population – you know, white dudes.

Hall did so by mocking young scientists who are active and effective on social media. Science Magazine did so by featuring very few women or people of color in their list.

PZ Myers, who did make Science Magazine’s list, takes them, particularly the editors, to task:

Isn’t it weird how invisible people suddenly become apparent if you just look for them?

In doing so, PZ reminded me of a Blues Brothers themed piece I wrote a few years ago for Nature’s Soapbox Science about finding audiences where they are on social media. Rather than fighting over the niche audience of science fans, we need to be convincing people to be science fans – much like Jake and Elwood convinced people to like the Blues. Continue reading “Are you a Twitter Science Superstar?”

When your nemesis falls…

My theory, based on research in social psychology, is that the infighting surrounding Atheism & Skepticism is a clear indication that intelligent design/creationism is no longer a serious threat. Continue reading “When your nemesis falls…”

In which I agree with PZ. . .

This doesn’t happen much on non-biological issues, but I think I can say, without reservation, that I agree entirely and wholeheartedly with PZ Myers’ take on the events that inspired my post “Community”.

I’ll Trade You an Evolutionary Theory for Your Creationism

Mixed emotions over PZ Myers’ condescending response to a 12-year-old child‘s email supporting creationism[1], reminded of a very interesting conversation I had with my father at a dinner this holiday season. Lemons and lemonade, people.

During our conversational meanderings, we touched on the debate between creationism[2] and evolution. We did not directly discuss the political/social issues surrounding the teaching of evolution in schools[3].  Rather, we discussed the difficulty of convincing individuals that evolution is right and creationism is wrong. Continue reading “I’ll Trade You an Evolutionary Theory for Your Creationism”

Musings on SexyGate, an opportunity missed?

This was originally intended as one of my rambling notes (you do read the notes, don’t you?) appended to “Zombie Feynman vs The Special Girl Powers”, but the ramble took on a life of its own. So, here are some thoughts about the impact of SexyGate[1][2] that have been tumbling around in the old noodle for a few days. Not sure if the extra cooking time helped them at all.

I would almost like to agree with Ayatollah PZed on this one – that to make a “sexy scientist” list without appearing to be an ass monkey, one should give the scientists the choice to be included. For just  such a list, check out the Science Cheerleader’s Sexy Scientists and Engineers, but restrain yourself from making any comments about how good I look in the short rugby shorts. Continue reading “Musings on SexyGate, an opportunity missed?”

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