Science Caturday: Ceiling Cat

To think otherwise would be like finding a blind watchmaker in the middle of an uninhabited wasteland and concluding that there are no poorly constructed watches about.

Also, the cirumference of a human’s index finger is slightly smaller than the inner circumference of their nostrils. I think the message is clear…

Being a Scientist: Creationism Edition

In honor of the great state of Missouri, birthplace of my doctorate and my eldest child (not in that order):

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Missouri legislative session is off to a solid creationist start

It’s creationism season in my back yard again. The National Center for Science Education has the goods as usual:

First, your typical equal time time bill, complete with inept politicians’ definitions of scientific terms – in defective alphabetical order, no less:

House Bill 1227, introduced in the Missouri House of Representatives on January 10, 2012, would, if enacted, require “the equal treatment of science instruction regarding evolution and intelligent design,” according to the legislature’s summary of the bill. The equal treatment provision would apply to both public elementary and secondary schools and to “any introductory science course taught at any public institution of higher education” in Missouri. Continue reading “Missouri legislative session is off to a solid creationist start”

When your nemesis falls…

My theory, based on research in social psychology, is that the infighting surrounding Atheism & Skepticism is a clear indication that intelligent design/creationism is no longer a serious threat. Continue reading “When your nemesis falls…”

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