Trends in Genetics

Although it may not be obvious here, I also occasionally write formal scientific stuff, like a review article for Trends in Genetics:

Joshua T. Witten and Jernej Ule, “Understanding splicing regulation through RNA splicing maps,” Trends in Genetics (1, 2011). Continue reading “Trends in Genetics”

Skeptically Speaking Interview

If reading my ramblings is not enough rugbyologist for you, you can listen to me ramble melodiously as I attempt to explain my first ever blog post,“Why People Believe Silly Things”, in a interview with Desiree Schell for the “Speaking Up” segment of Skeptically Speaking Friday, 27 August 2010 at 6PM (MDT). For those of you not lucky enough to live within the broadcast radius of 88.5FM CJSR in Edmonton, Alberta, you can listen to the pre-recorded interview live-ish on the Skeptically Speaking UStream feed or download the podcast come Monday.

Myers Test & Tyson Test (New Rugbyologisms)

Thanks to Transhumanism, Part Deux on Skeptically Speaking this past week I was thinking about the Turing Test, and, mostly, how it was not really that great for determining true artificial intelligence (AI), because who the hell cares if SkyNet can talk to you, if it has control of the nukes and has a plan to use them? Thanks to Twitter, I did get a couple of new suggestions for how to determine whether a computer is a true AI or not. With that prelude, I present two new Rugbyologisms: Continue reading “Myers Test & Tyson Test (New Rugbyologisms)”

Kosher Bacon Argument (New Rugbyologism)

Well, that did not take long. See the full list of Rugbyologisms here. Our newest addition is:

  • Kosher bacon argument, idiom, the argument that religious organizations ban the behaviors that their leadership secretly long to engage in, usually used in reference to Catholic molestation scandal and credited to Christopher Hitchens.


Through hard won experience, we have learned that Josh frequently finds the English language inadequate in its descriptive variety, requiring the establishment of new terms, specifically crafted for the task at hand. The right tool for the right job, wot? We have also found that a concise dictionary of these terms is necessary in order to have any idea what he is on about. A regularly (or, you know, as often as Josh makes something up) updated version of this glossary can be found at the Rugbyologisms Page. Continue reading “Rugbyologisms”

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