Trends in Genetics

Although it may not be obvious here, I also occasionally write formal scientific stuff, like a review article for Trends in Genetics:

Joshua T. Witten and Jernej Ule, “Understanding splicing regulation through RNA splicing maps,” Trends in Genetics (1, 2011).

Alternative splicing is a highly regulated process that greatly increases the proteome diversity and plays an important role in cellular differentiation and disease. Interactions between RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) and pre-mRNA are the principle regulator of splicing decisions. Findings from recent genome-wide studies of protein-RNA interactions have been combined with assays of the global effects of RBPs on splicing to create RNA splicing maps. These maps integrate information from all pre-mRNAs regulated by single RBPs to identify the global positioning principles guiding splicing regulation. Recent studies using this approach have identified a set of positional principles that are shared between diverse RBPs. Here, we discuss how insights from RNA splicing maps of different RBPs inform the mechanistic models of splicing regulation.

Author: Josh Witten

5 thoughts on “Trends in Genetics”

  1. Congratulations! The whole process seems to have gone quickly for you… I wish I could say the same for my paper.

    You should do more than just tease with the abstract – blog about the review, using a Rugby analogy to explain the behavior of RBPs.

    1. I may follow up. This method did not require time, that precious commodity, ever so rare and valuable.

      We started writing in July & I have approximately 29 revised drafts on my hard drive. So, quickly is in the eye of the beholder; but I know what you are saying. Of course, the process is different with review articles where you don’t actually have to generate your own data.

      1. I was under the mistaken impression that you had started writing later. I didn’t start writing until October. We are now up to draft 20 or so, hoping against the odds that Science will find this latest version acceptable.

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