“mandelbroconym – n., acronym in which word represented in first letter is same as entire acronym”

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“I do not think it means what you think it means.”

snarkitecht (snar-ke-tekt), n, a master of the subtle use of snark to make an argument or undercut an opponent’s argument. Contrasts with typical inelegant and counter-productive use of snark, especially amongst bloggers.

I don’t think Daniel Arsham means the same thing when he says “Snarkitecture“*, but it looks interesting.

*In fairness, Arsham got there first. Snarkitecture was founded in 2008.

Genomycism: “Deflating the Genomic Bubble”

Genomycism – the unsubstantiated belief that the cataloging of the genomic sequence of an individual conveys useful understanding about their ancestry, current characteristics, and disease risk with high degrees of accuracy and predictive power.

An important policy forum article has appeared in the most recent issue of Science discussing the expectations for the benefits of genomics, the issues created when those expectations are unrealistic, overinflated, and over-hyped[1]. Continue reading “Genomycism: “Deflating the Genomic Bubble””

Myers Test & Tyson Test (New Rugbyologisms)

Thanks to Transhumanism, Part Deux on Skeptically Speaking this past week I was thinking about the Turing Test, and, mostly, how it was not really that great for determining true artificial intelligence (AI), because who the hell cares if SkyNet can talk to you, if it has control of the nukes and has a plan to use them? Thanks to Twitter, I did get a couple of new suggestions for how to determine whether a computer is a true AI or not. With that prelude, I present two new Rugbyologisms: Continue reading “Myers Test & Tyson Test (New Rugbyologisms)”

Lactile Vulcanism (New Rugbyologism)

You never know when inspiration will strike. Literally. In a big, splattery mess of new Rugbyologism:

  • lactile vulcanism, n, the epic spit-up Offspring 2.02 delivered unto mine lap in mid-feeding last night.
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