The Finch & Pea at ScienceOnline 2013

The Finch & Pea VennPrior to ScienceOnline 2012The Finch & Pea was a two man operation, literally. It was Mike and me. Grouchy and cantankerous; but lovable and cuddly. Now, we number eight. We may be a bit less grouchy, but we remain lovable and cuddly. Our new comrades over the past year – Marie-Claire, Michele, Sarah, Ben,  Heidi, and Eva – have added a lot of variety

And, The Finch & Pea is going to be very well represented at ScienceOnline 2013. Continue reading “The Finch & Pea at ScienceOnline 2013”

People of ScienceOnline, Tell Me What You Want

I mentioned a few months ago that I would be attending the wonderful ScienceOnline conference that kicks off on January 30th in North Carolina. It’s only two weeks away, woo-hoo!

So now would be a great time for my fellow attendees to take a look at my work and tell me if there’s anything you would like me to bring along so you can see it “IRL”. I will have all the various designs of silk scarves with me, plus a few one-offs. If there’s a particular painting or collage in my shop that you would like to buy, please let me know in advance – I can knock off the shipping cost and hand-deliver (don’t forget to use code TWEEPS for 10% off). Otherwise, if you have a few you would just like to look at, send me a message via etsy, email or twitter, and I will make sure to bring them. Continue reading “People of ScienceOnline, Tell Me What You Want”

Let’s talk about books…

I will be providing a quick book review of a book that is very special to my older daughter and me, Rare Treasure: Mary Anning* and Her Remarkable Discoveries by Don Brown, for the Skeptically Speaking “Science Books for Your Gift List” episode. The episode will be available to download at 8PM (ET) tonight (Friday, 21 December 2012)

*The band Artichoke has a fantastic song about Mary Anning that is available to download for free (MP3 – 2.2MB).

UPDATE: According to the producer of Skeptically Speaking, KO Myers, my review comes up at 47:33 in the podcast. While I would be flattered by anyone downloading the podcast only to listen to my two minutes, I would strongly recommend listening to the other reviews, which I hear will include Bug Girl reviewing Spider Silk by Leslie Brunetta & Catherine L. Craig even though spiders aren’t bugs.

Heidi says…

Our own, well leased from Nature Afield, Heidi Smith was interviewed by the lovely and affable Tyler Dukes for The Charlotte Observer. She says wonderful things about frogs, salamanders, and other amphibians, but not me. Oh, well:

People think of frogs as really simple organisms…But…They’re just really beautiful. And salamanders as well because they’re kind of secretive and we don’t always see them, but they’re really underappreciated. – Heidi Smith

She will also be defending her dissertation against the multi-headed chaos dragon of her thesis committee on 22 January.

You can follow Heidi on Twitter at @HeidiKayDeidi and Tyler at @mtdukes.

Skeptically Speaking with Sean Carroll

Tonight I’ll be interviewing physicist Sean Carroll about his new book and particle physics as the guest host for Skeptically Speaking.

This week, we’re looking at one of the biggest science stories of 2012, and one of the largest instruments in the history of science. Guest hostMarie-Claire Shanahan spends the hour with theoretical physicist Sean Carroll, author of the new book The Particle at The End of The Universe: How the Hunt for the Higgs Boson Leads Us to the Edge of a New World. They’ll discuss the search for the particle that gives all the others their mass, the story of the Large Hadron Collider, and the challenge of communicating with a broad audience about difficult topics in cutting-edge physics. – Skeptically Speaking

You can listen in live via UStream at 8PM ET tonight 9 December, or catch the podcast version next Friday, 14 December.