Heidi says…

Our own, well leased from Nature Afield, Heidi Smith was interviewed by the lovely and affable Tyler Dukes for The Charlotte Observer. She says wonderful things about frogs, salamanders, and other amphibians, but not me. Oh, well:

People think of frogs as really simple organisms…But…They’re just really beautiful. And salamanders as well because they’re kind of secretive and we don’t always see them, but they’re really underappreciated. – Heidi Smith

She will also be defending her dissertation against the multi-headed chaos dragon of her thesis committee on 22 January.

You can follow Heidi on Twitter at @HeidiKayDeidi and Tyler at @mtdukes.

Observing Charlotte

Back in June I did a short interview* with Tyler Dukes for the Charlotte Observer. Here’s a taste:

Q: Science in pop culture tends to turn up a lot in your posts. Are you ever surprised by where ideas turn up?

If you want to, you can really can find science in everything because it’s about how the world works… It’s being able to find things that are really compelling and interesting and make you spend more time than you should writing about it or investigating it.

They actually published the interview in a timely manner. I’m only getting around to posting it here because I have been busy. How busy? I’m not sure how to quantify the business involved in international house hunting, relocating two small children transatlantically, and switching from full-time researcher to full-time science consultant/writer. I know how to describe it qualitatively, but not without swearing.

I’m also writing this from a laptop computer sitting on a desk made of cardboard boxes, because affordable moving companies are (a) slow, and (b) do not care.

*Well it was short by the time Tyler was done editing it down to something palatable.