Luke says, “Of course, Han shot first”

So says Mark Hamill. I was a huge fan of the original Star Wars trilogy (The Empire Strikes Back, thanks for asking). I am not a huge fan of the prequel trilogy* nor have I been happy with any of the tweaks George Lucas has made to the original films**. Neither is Mark Hamill.

In the last segment of multi-part interview with Tom Wilson (best known as Biff from Back to the Future) on the Big Pop Fun podcast, Hamill talks about why he thinks (and disagrees) George Lucas keeps tinkering with the movies and explains why Han Solo had to shoot first (at 50:00). If the guy who played Han’s future (long time ago) brother-in-law is cool with Han shooting first, then I think we can all be cool with it.

On a side note, if you only know Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker, I must ask you this. That vast emptiness in your chest where your soul should be, does it throw off your balance? Hamill is a well regarded stage performer, was a soap opera regular, acted in ahead-of-its-time sitcom, starred in a WWII movie with Lee Marvin, pioneered video game acting, and is royalty amongst voice over actors.

*Star Wars: The Clone Wars, however, is pretty darn solid.

**For the masochistic among you, I will be happy to expound at length on my reasons over a malted beverage. You may find me at the bar at Science Writers 2012 and buy me said malted beverage.

Author: Josh Witten

6 thoughts on “Luke says, “Of course, Han shot first””

    1. I remember that Muppet Show (or at least the reruns of it). A branding crossover between two franchises that both used puppetry. Not sure it could happen today.

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