#SciWars 2015

We liked #SciWars so much in 2014 that we did it again in 2015. This time, we actually did it on May 4* (aka, May the Fourth Be With You). Check out the Storify of the tweeted goodness/nerdiness.

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*This was not really our fault.

In Partial Defense of the Prequels

The Star Wars prequels (Episodes I-III1) are not good films2. The debate is about which one is the worst film (the correct answer is Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones despite the Yoda lightsaber scene3). The prequels are, however, very useful in the overarching mythological narrative of the Star Wars universe4. I have come to think of them as integral to the story, but, like a terrible production of Hamlet, almost unwatchable (unlike the new Star Wars VII trailer).

Following the digital release of the first six Star Wars films, my kids have been preparing for the release of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens by watching the prequels. In the minds of my kids, Anakin Skywalker’s character is second in importance only to Ahsoka Tano. This makes Anakin’s transition from hero to villain – from good to evil – extremely dramatic to them.

It also means that Daddy has had been required to repeatedly explain the narrative arc of Darth Vader. A complete explanation of Vader’s narrative arc requires the prequels to be understood, which is why I am cautiously glad the prequels exist. What follows is the explanation of Anakin/Vader that I give my kids (WARNING: May contain pop-psychology). Continue reading “In Partial Defense of the Prequels”

TIE Fighter FTW

Would I like themes from the classic video game space simulator TIE Fighter mashed up with anime visual aesthetics that make me nostalgic for the Voltron cartoon of my youth and electric guitar? You might as well ask my four-year-old if she wants a popsicle. Without further ado, we give you the short Star Wars fan film TIE Fighter by Paul Johnson.

SOURCE: Eric Diaz at Nerdist


UPDATE: Rachel Pendergrass has “Storified” #SciWars.

Today, on twitter, #SciWars* happened:

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Because of this, which was a knock on effect of the Chobani anti-science yogurt lids:

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To rave reviews, like these:

Screenshot 2014-06-04 12.50.59Screenshot 2014-06-04 12.48.58

*First, contextualized use. Technically, we tag-jacked, but for the greater good, like Jedi.

A Jedi must put the needs of the community above the needs of individuals.

Why can’t I have nice things?

When my dad was a young man, he had Star Trek. His generation grew up, got jobs, got wealth, power. The entertainment industry said, “We would like some of your wealth, your power. In exchange, we shall give you Star Trek: The Next Generation and a pretty decent JJ Abrams reboot.”

When I was a young man, I had Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Knight Rider. My generation grew up, got jobs, got wealth, power. The entertainment industry said, “We would like some of your wealth, your power. Because we know it is about the franchise name, not quality, we shall, in exchange, give you The Phantom Menace, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and Ford Mustang advertisement masquerading as a new Knight Rider series.”
It is true. For the first time in decades, we have a generation that is worse off than their parents.
Let’s finish ruining my childhood memories and reboot Airwolf (#rebootAirwolf). Pretty please?
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