Hitting the bottle

After listening to Chris Hardwick, Jonah Rey, and Matt Mira interview Thomas Jane and his cat on The Nerdist Podcast, I felt like checking out the short Punisher red band fan flick made by Jane, who played the Punisher in 2004.

DO NOT WATCH if you are squeamish, at work, in the company of impressionable children, or have a wide variety of medical conditions.

I think it’s a pretty solid short. You may not – tastes being what they are. In addition to its artistic merit, I find this interesting from both social and natural science* perspectives.

Like Batman, The Punisher is an exploration of how incentives affect one’s willingness to engage in criminal behavior. In Gotham City, choosing to commit a crime involves the risk of being terrified, receiving a sub-lethal pummeling, and incarceration. The Punisher will kill you.

And speaking of killing you, this seems to be a disturbingly accurate portrayal of how a full bottle of whiskey would behave if you used it as a club.

*I know that the distinction between social sciences/humanities and natural/hard sciences is artificial and mostly designed to make physicists/chemists/biologists feel good about ourselves.

Author: Josh Witten


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