Thanks to SOPA, I got my first letter from a congressman. . .

. . .that was probably written by a staffer, from party talking points, before he’d made up his mind about his vote, and I showed my margin notes over at The Paltry Sapien.

Fresh Prince gets folksy

I occasionally dream of artists covering songs that have not yet happened – like Scott Weiland on “Rocket Man”. What I did not realize before was how much I wanted, nay, needed a folk version of “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” theme song:

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New Gig

Apparently I am now a “droid you are looking for”*. Due to some combination of my rugged good looks**, insightful commentary, sparkling wit, and unerring nose for “the cool”***, the good folks at The Paltry Sapien have asked me to contribute to their site, which I shall be doing from time to time, starting today.

*As opposed to a “droid for which you are looking”. Hey, at least we know the editorial oversight won’t be too intense.

**At least one of my sisters has now wet herself laughing.

***Wait, now that is both of them.

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