Moms are awesome, both in science and in song [repost]

Editor’s Note – I selected a repost of Marie-Claire’s take on Frazey Ford’s tune because I’m going to be ScienceOnline 2013, which is only possible because my amazing spouse is willing to take charge of both educating the youth of America and our genetics experiment (n=2) while I’m away. Moms are, indeed, awesome. – Josh Witten

Marie-Claire is going to be very busy over the next month educating the youth of Canada. Too busy to even listen to music, which is about her favorite thing to do, after educating the youth of Canada. In the meantime, we will be reposting some of our favorite Song of the Week posts…

Early Christmas morning 1985, I quietly crept out bed. There was something that I really wanted, and I had to see if it was there. Tip-toeing down the long hallway, careful to avoid the floorboards that I knew would creak, I held my breath. Continue reading “Moms are awesome, both in science and in song [repost]”

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