AP Sex Ed

Sex education should address the intersection of biology, interpersonal relationships, and society with a backing of solid science. It should and can be sex positive without promoting irresponsible behavior – indeed quality sex education leads to more responsible behavior. Quality sex education can also be aesthetically pleasing, as Carlin Soos demonstrates with “AP Sex Ed”.

AP Sex Ed (Page 5) by Carlin Soos

Linkonomicon 17

1. All your bird call are belong to Cornell (via Debby Schade via Greg Laden).
2. Know your dino – stylish, but are those brachiosaurus nostrils in the right place? (UPDATE: According to Brian Switek, the nostrils ARE in the right place)
3. Duke teaching science through cooking (via Ashley Yeager).
4. Timeline of world religions (via Maria Popova).
5. Surprisingly, pseudoscientific gender stereotypes won’t solve gender inequality in science.

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