Last Stop “Castle Black”

In case you were wondering why the positioning of Moat Cailin was so strategically important in Westeros from George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice & Fire, Michael Tyznik has you covered with his transit map.

Westeros Transit Map by Michael Tyznik (All Rights Reserved – Used with Permission)

Tyznik was inspired by the creative transit map Tumblr of Cameron Booth, which is in turn inspired by transit maps from around the world (such as the iconic London Underground map).

And, if you happen to be a Columbus, OH native like me (Go Bucks!), you’ll also love this map.

*Chain of hat tips to Jennifer Ouellette from Nerdist‘s Alicia Lutes from Fast Company‘s John Brownlee.

Author: Josh Witten

2 thoughts on “Last Stop “Castle Black””

  1. That’s an awesome map. And also shows why it was important for Robb to cross the bridge at the Twins to get his army to break the siege at Riverrun.

    Thanks for sharing that!

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