You call yourselves nerds?

Last Thursday (or as Thursday was migrating into Friday), I was revelling in the Frazetta covers collage posted at BoingBoing and discussing how Conan the Barbarian (1982) was a truly great swords & sandals movie with Natalie Willoughby (Leia Shot First, which she did), when I saw that Conan the Barbarian was on TV.

In the spirit of #SciWars, I thought retooling Conan the Barbarian quotes to represent scientific experiences would be a great idea. It was fun for me, but almost no one else (Storify of tweets here).

There were a few things going against me. First, it was 2AM and I may have been the only person I knew who was awake. Second, I chose #ConanthePostDoc as a hashtag, when I clearly should have chosen #ConantheGradStudent. Graduate students are infinitely more barbaric than post-docs.  Third and finally, as far as the Internet is concerned, Conan the Barbarian only has two lines of dialogue:Screenshot 2014-07-20 20.24.46

Author: Josh Witten

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