LOLemur, the Movie

Good friends of The Finch & PeaCristina Russo, John Romano, and Chris Smith – collaborated to turn their visit* to the Duke Lemur Center into this video.

“LOLemur” is my name for my occasional habit of attempting to caption lemur pictures as if they were LOLcats; but imagine if LOLcats were actually cute, intelligent, and charming.

I’d also ask you to keep an eye on the Twittersphere for our efforts to guilt Ocean Spray into donating a mere 260 pounds** of the lemurs favorite treat, Craisins, to the Duke Lemur Center each year.

*Chris Smith was not visiting. He works there; but he likes what he does.

**According to the head keeper at the Duke Lemur Center, 250 lemurs combine to eat 5 pounds of Craisins each week.

Author: Josh Witten

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