Meet the Salamanderfish

The salamanderfish (Lepidogalaxias salamandroides) is in the family Lepidogalaxiidae all by itself. These unique fish are found in the acidic waters of western Australia. Remarkably, like the lungfish these tiny creatures can survive drought by burrowing in the sand and aestivating.

Watch the video below to see a salamanderfish and hear more about them.

Check out the Tree of Life link to learn more here.

The “Meet the…” posts are a collaboration between The Finch & Pea and Nature Afield to bring Nature’s amazing creatures into your home.

Author: Heidi Kay Smith

Biology PhD student on the cusp of finishing and moving on to a postdoc in the behavioral ecology of amphibians. I blog to share my thoughts, ideas, and general feelings of awe of the natural world.

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