The latest evolutionary developments have passed me by

“Geolocating Tweets”:

As the rising generation replaces us, with their seemingly inborn familiarity with all things IT, does this make them in effect a new species? A species possessing the solution to the riddle of existence, the answers to all the questions which have plagued us — the old Hominids — for the last two million years?

We tried one solution after another — fire, monotheism, high art, psychotherapy, socialism, rock-and-roll, prozac, the Free Market, orthotic shoes, and the South Beach diet — only to fall back. Until now.

And now, finally, our successors, the next stage of Homo sapiens, have ascended to the level of effortlessly geolocating tweets and viewing many more of their friends’ updates on their iPads all while listening to iTunes. Could evolution possibly reach any higher?

I’ll admit I don’t know what a Tweetdeck is either.

h/t to Bookforum’s Omnivore.

Author: Mike White

Genomes, Books, and Science Fiction

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