I’m a little late in posting this here, but the lovely, the talented, the splendidly ductile, Heidi Anderson has seen fit to repost “The Skeptical Boys Club” at is a thought provoking site that “. . .is a place to discuss, promote, encourage, and celebrate women in science, skepticism, and critical thinking.” It’s in my RSS reader. It should be in yours. And, I am tremendously honored to have “The Skeptical Boys Club” featured there.

Even if you have already read “The Skeptical Boys Club” here at The Finch and Pea or at Science 2.0, you should visit to see how the discussion developed there. After all, the point of writing “The Skeptical Boys Club” was to incite discussion and maybe even a little bit of action. Just a very little bit. Let’s not get greedy.

Author: Josh Witten

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