Adjusted for Accuracy

In the wake of the sensational story about a larger shark potentially killing and eating a smaller shark, shark conservation advocate and researcher David Shiffman has posted a series of overwrought shark headlines paired with versions that have been adjusted for accuracy.

My favorite is “Shark seen swimming in ocean. You know, where sharks live”.

David has invited readers to submit their own suggestions.

*Hat tip to Andrew David Thaler of Southern Fried Science.

Science Caturday: Shark Week!


As everyone with access to the internet or cable surely knows, it’s Shark Week. Although some of the science on TV has been highly questionable, our friend David Shiffman, known to many as @WhySharksMatter, has made it his mission to spread accurate information about sharks. Yesterday, he hosted an epic, 3 hour Reddit AMA all about sharks. Read it here, you’re sure to learn stuff. 

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