Meet the Venezuelan Pebble Toad

Venezuela-pebble-toadJust like a telenovela this little toad brings the drama for days. The Venezuelan pebble toad (Oreophyrnella nigra) hangs out in the tepuis of the Guiana highlands. These toads use their cryptic skin appearance among the rocks to avoid predators and if that doesn’t work they call roll up and make like a bouncy ball down the rocks. See you later predators.

ARKive video - Venezuela pebble toad defence mechanism - rolls in ball and bounces down rock face

Check out this video with herpetologist, Bruce Means talking about pebble toad DNA, sharing his discovery excitement (plus you can see some tepuis).

“Meet the…” is a collaboration between The Finch & Pea and Nature Afield to bring Nature’s amazing creatures into your home.

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