The Theatre and The Tube

Pet Peeve: Faux-superiority from publicly announcing that you do not do something that most other people do. In my circles, this usually involves not watching television, following sports, or consuming alcohol.

For example:

I do not[1] watch television. I do not even own a television.

Bully for you. Apparently, you are better than I. I watch television. I follow sports. And, I consume alcohol. Continue reading “The Theatre and The Tube”

Burn Notice = A-Team

I was reading an excellent piece from GeekDad (sum ergo lego) on the original The A-Team television show and why is was “awesomer” than other, similar shows of that era, when it struck me: Burn Notice is the 21st century version of The A-Team.

Continue reading “Burn Notice = A-Team”

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