Fukushima Revisited – Science for The People

sftp-fullsize-redbgIn the most recent episode of Science for The People*, host Rachelle Saunders discusses the Fukushima nuclear accident with nuclear energy expert Charles Ferguson and Rob Tarzwell, a medical doctor with focuses on nuclear medicine and psychiatry. The interview provides a nuanced view of the disaster – helping the rest of us to understand what happened, why it happened, and how things stand for the future.

The guest discuss the idea that we do not really know what constitutes a “safe” level of radiation exposure and how what impacts our decisions – mass evacuations around Fukushima may have killed more people than exposure would have. They also talk about what this disaster will mean for nuclear power use and how that will impact efforts to increase use of clean energy sources.

If you want a clear understanding of the events at Fukushima and their ongoing context, make some time to listen to Rachelle Saunders, Charles Ferguson, and Rob Tarzwell on Science for the People (Episode #236).

*Disclosure: I provide research assistance to Science for The People. So, while my opinion is inarguably correct, it is biased.

Food Sustainability – Science for The People

Science for The People, Episode #235: Food SustainabilityFood sustainability is a hot topic. Food everything is a hot topic. The most recent episode (#235) of Science for The People (née Skeptically Speaking) is exceptionally good* on this topic. Host Desiree Schell and guests Valentine Cadieux and Emily Cassidy cover standard topics of food sustainability, but address controversial areas like GMOs and “eating local” with nuance that gets beyond simplistic arguments over whether GMOs are safe or if “eating local” is environmentally friendly.

They also raise the issue of honoring food cultures as an important element of pragmatic discussions about feeding the ever growing human population. A potential result of our desire to provide adequate calories and nutrition to impoverished areas of the globe is the destruction of traditional food cultures in poor societies, while promoting those of rich societies – a kind of benign, cultural imperialism. Continue reading “Food Sustainability – Science for The People”

Science for the People

sftp-fullsize-redbgProfessionally, I wear a lot of hats. Personally, I very rarely wear hats, except for in the dead of winter, which rarely occurs here in South Carolina, because my head is very large, and finding hats (but not commas) that fit is very hard. One of those hats is was as the “researcher” for the science podcast, Skeptically Speaking.

Today, Skeptically Speaking changed its name to Science for the People. Continue reading “Science for the People”

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