Perrin, Ireland

I checked on Google Maps and Perrin, Ireland does not seem to exist*; but the science artist Perrin R. Ireland does. She creates amazing resources for communicating science for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

She also has her own website that you should examine closely, regardless of how much free time you claim to not have. Perrin is a talented artist, creative thinker, and a mad genius when it comes to the art of “scribing”.

Art by Perrin R Ireland; Photo by Russ Creech (All Rights Reserved; Used with Permission)
Art by Perrin R Ireland; Photo by Russ Creech (All Rights Reserved; Used with Permission)

*Though there is a Perrin Way in Lusk, Ireland.

Happy Birthday, Flying Trilobite & Artologica

©Glendon Mellow. (All Rights Reserved; Used with Permission)

One of my favorite science artists and people, Glendon Mellow, is celebrating his birthday by launching his new website, In addition to being a fabulous artist in a variety of media (including tattoo design), Glendon helps run the Symbiartic blog at Scientific American and is a tireless advocate for both the positive use of art in science communication and supporting the creators of such content.

It is also our own Michele Banks’ birthday. You can celebrate with her by asking her to send you an aesthetically pleasing gift from her Etsy shop. I understand that some of her work from the collaborative art show Voyage of Discovery is being made available too.

Voyage of Discovery

I’d strongly encourage you to watch the video. Michele, Jessica, and Ellyn provide some very profound thinking about the ways scientists and artists view the world – and challenge both groups to learn from each other.

Even better. If you are in the DC area (or are traveling through), make some time to visit the exhibition in person. Make a point to support these talented artists.

Even betterer. Really support these artists by acquiring some of their work to keep near you at all times. Like their style, but don’t see the one thing you want most in the world. Ask about commissioning a piece. It is often cheaper than you think, yet makes you feel like plutocratic patron of the arts. And, that is a very good feeling.

Ye Olde Meteoroid

Source: via minouette on Pinterest
Source: via minouette on Pinterest

In the wake of the Russian meteorite over Chelyabinsk, Russia, Minouette compiled a fascinating look at how objects from space running into our fair planet have inspired art throughout of human history.


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