Song of the Semi-Regular Time Unit

Like you, I too have been missing Marie-Claire‘s regular Song of the Week picks. Fortunately for science education, but unfortunately for us, she has been too busy getting situated as the first Research Chair in Science Education and Public Engagement. How busy? Too busy to get her Barry (Jack Black in High Fidelity) on.

I scratch that itch by tuning into the Pandora station we created by seeding it with all the artists we could from past Songs of the Week (Marie-Claire’s music selections are more eclectic than Pandora’s library at times) – KFPR 1865AM*.

KFPR 1865AM Button

Currently playing while I type? Amos Lee’s “Sweet Pea”.

*K (West of the Mississippi) + FP (Finch & Pea) + R (Radio) 1865 (Year Mendel published “Experiments in Plant Hybridization”) + AM (cause we are old school)

KFPR 1865AM – The Finch & Pea Radio

The only problem with Marie-Claire‘s Song of the Week pick is that it is only once a week. One song a week? Isn’t this the 21st Century? Yes it is. But, the University of Alberta, insists that Marie-Claire spend large chunks of her time working for them.

So, we did the next best thing. We made a Pandora station, KFPR 1865AM – The Finch & Pea Radio, around the artists who created the music featured in our Song of the Week.

*If you live outside the United States, you may not be able to listen to the station. This is not our fault. We suspect that Cory Doctorow will be perfectly happy to tell you whose fault it is.