Science Tourist: Pacific Science Center

I don’t always seek out science-themed locations when travelling. Sometimes, they’re just there. In October I spent one day in Seattle, during which I ran around all day, trying to see all the sights while fighting off a cold. I saw the world’s first Starbucks, and the wall of gum, and the market, and the underground city, and I had walked all the way to the Space Needle when I suddenly came across a science museum.

The Pacific Science Center is right at the foot of the Space Needle next to the very pretty Chihuly Garden and Glass. I went in less than an hour before closing time, so I didn’t get to see everything, but at least it was nice and quiet.

Unfortunately, if I hadn’t been here so recently, I doubt I would have remembered much of this visit. Not just because I spent very little time there, but because most of the exhibits I saw were quite generic. I just couldn’t get excited about a lot of the permanent exhibits.

Take the dino room. It sounded promising, but when I got there, it was a bit…clunky. Maybe I’m too old for animatronic dinosaurs, or maybe I’ve seen too many exhibits like this. Maybe it was because I wasn’t feeling very well that day. I don’t know. I took a few seconds of video there. What do you think?

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