O(K Go)ptical Illusion

OK Go are known, in addition to their music, for their quirky videos, particularly a no-edit style that reduces “production values” (and costs) while making the whole thing that much more impressive. They’ve done a Rube Goldberg machine and a sound generating car-obstacle course combo. Now they have an entire video based on optical illusions.

One of my favorite things about optical illusions is not that they show that our brain can be tricked (which it can). It is that optical illusions are entertaining proof that the reality we perceive is a processed version of actual reality. Optical illusions represent a hack of that system.

Hat tip to Lauren Davis at io9.

No sign of life

If you read news reports, you would think that the only point of sending the Curiosity rover to Mars is to search for extraterrestrial life. Therefore, I suggest, that after every test it conducts Curiosity play the chorus of OK Go’s “No Sign of Life”. This will make it easier for the journalists to understand the results, but also carries a sense of optimism for the future.

No sign of life, no sign of life, no sign of life, no sign
But I got a hunch, oh, it’s not over yet, oh, it’s not over yet Continue reading “No sign of life”

Song of the Week: OK Go -This Too Shall Pass (the one with the Rube Goldberg machine)

We are giving usual DJ Marie-Claire Shanahan the week off due to the inclement Albertan weather. So, this week is going to be a bit different, as I should not, repeat not, being writing about music for Rolling Stone; but we do like to keep the Song of the Week inspiring.

Do you know what inspires me? Fun! And, Rube Goldberg machines. And, blowing bubbles.

That is all.

Wait, there is more – puppies (bonus track).

Also, my wife and kids. Love you guys.

Wait. Rube Goldberg machines are science-y, right? Hello, science inspired music theme, what is that on your back? Oh, it’s me, sticking to you.

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