Science Caturday: I smell a whatchamacallit


A team of scientists led by Jonas Olofsson published a study this week in the Journal of Neuroscience, describing research that identified two areas in the brain which link odor to language. Using fMRI and other techniques, researchers were able to map areas of the brain which provide the interface between olfactory and verbal cues. The team hopes to use the findings to advance research into dementia. We hope they go on to experiment on cats, whose superior sense of smell is, alas, joined to a somewhat weaker verbal ability, particularly with regard to the word “the”.

Science Caturday: SfN = Society for Naughtykitties

This week, lots of smart peeps (about 30,000 of them) are in San Diego for Neuroscience 2013, The annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience. Our science kitty decided to be very naughty and break the embargo on one of this year’s hottest developments in neuroscience.


Sorry, Dr. Muffins. No tuna for embargo-busting kitties!

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