Science Caturday: Dinosaur Edition


Today we have a special Science Caturday to celebrate the publication of My Beloved Brontosaurus, a book by dinosaur expert, cat servant and friend of the Finch & Pea Brian Switek, aka @laelaps.

The Wall Street Journal says that you should “read Mr. Switek’s book to rekindle your love of all things dinosaur: the cheesy movies, the action figures, the many happy hours spent wandering through imaginary Jurassic jungles. But more than that, read it to remind yourself that the dinosaurs’ story is our story and that, as Mr. Switek writes, ‘extinction is the ultimate fate of all species. Nothing so majestically encapsulates these simple, powerful truths of nature quite like a dinosaur.’” We concur!

Brian will be appearing in several cities in the next few weeks to talk about the book – you can catch him this coming Monday, April 29, at Politics & Prose in Washington, DC. Some other upcoming “Brontotour” stops are listed here. If he’s not coming to your town, Brian is always happy to chat about his work on twitter.

In the meantime, enjoy these dinokittehs.



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