There is No Dark Side

dscovrepicmoontransitfullAccording to NASA, this shot of the far side of the Moon was captured by the Deep Space Climate Observer Satellite as it orbited a million miles above Earth. The “dark side” of the Moon is only figuratively “dark”.

I also feel like the realization that the “dark side” of the Moon has become progressively less mysterious since humanity’s first imaging of it in 1959 kind of ruins the conceit of isolation in Moon for me.

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Titan (NASA’s Cassini Probe)

I think there are two ways to view this detailed, scientific map of Titan from Captain Marvel. The first is that we don’t need to send more missions to Titan, because we already know what is going on. The second is that we absolutely need to send more missions to Titan because what is going on there is so freaking cool.

Art by Jim Starlin in Captain Marvel #27 (1973)

I favor the second option, both in the comic book and the real world. I mean, come on, lakes of liquid methane. How cool is that?

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