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Hoover Dam – Science Tourist: Water Engineering 2

Hoover Dam by Ansel Adams (1942)

Hoover Dam by Ansel Adams (1942)

Last week I wrote about a pump that used steam power to empty a large lake. This week, the opposite: Hoover Dam created a lake to generate power!

Hoover Dam is built in the Colorado river, on the border of Nevada and Arizona. It’s very much in the middle of nowhere, but Vegas isn’t far away and Hoover Dam tours are one of the main attractions for visitors who quickly tire of the bright lights, casinos, shows, and theme hotels. About 15 minutes into the bus trip you will also have tired of puns on the word “dam(n)”, though, but that’s a sacrifice you’re going to have to make on this dam tour for the rest of the dam day. To give you an accurate experience, I’m going to be making dam puns throughout the rest of this post. Continue reading