#SciArt Tweetstorm

Rainbow Microbes by Michele Banks
Rainbow Microbes by Michele Banks

The Grand Poobah’s of science art at the Symbiartic science art blog have declared 1-7 March to be the week of the science art tweetstrom using the hashtag #sciart.

Here at The Finch & Pea we currently have 181 “Art of Science” posts (well 182 now), or 30 per day for the the rest of the week. That should keep y’all busy.

Amoeba Hugs!


Beatrice the Biologist (aka Katie McKissick) is a science-loving cartoonist who loves to use simple drawings to explain big concepts in science. She has just published a book of some of her favorite science cartoons, called Amoeba Hugs and Other Nonsense. Buy it, review it, read it to your kids!

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