The Art of Science: Blood Scarf

Laura SplanLaura Splan is an artist who is also a certified phlebotomist. Her two fields intersect neatly, if that is the right word, in Blood Scarf, a project from 2002, in which she knitted a scarf from vinyl tubing which then filled up with blood from an IV inserted in a person’s arm.  According to Splan, “The implied narrative is a paradoxical one in which the device keeps the user warm with their blood while at the same time draining their blood drop by drop.” (source)

No word on how many cookies that model needed afterward (or if it was in fact the artist herself), but wearing your blood on the outside never did catch on as a fashion statement. Prints of the work will appear in an upcoming exhibit of her work called “Gone Viral: Medical Science and Contemporary Textile Art” in the Cathy and Jesse Marion Art Gallery at SUNY in Fredonia, NY from March 8 to April 7.

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