Happy Holidays!

From all of us at The Finch & Pea, we wish you and yours a happy holiday season, whichever holiday (or lack thereof) you choose to celebrate.

Pi Day 2015

Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

If we make the very traditionally assumption that the year is a circle (technically it is an ellipse) with a circumference of 365 days (366 on a leap year):



*14 March as Pi Day is superficial fluff that teaches us nothing about π. Tau Day is also silly, especially since τ unnecessarily complicates the calculation of the area of a circle.

Happy Holidays!

from Science Caturday guru Michele Banks
from Science Caturday guru Michele Banks

We are busy with hugs not blogs. Be back soon.

Happy Phi Day! Take 3

Note: What follows is pretty much fluff, like a great deal of my writing. I want the world to be a “funner” place. Over the past several days, however, events in the area (St. Louis) I used to call home have been anything but fun. I started this post last week and decided to finish it this morning as a break from staring impotently at the news in my Twitter feed.

Today marks the third anniversary of my quixotic quest to get 14 August recognized as Phi Day.

I am all for cheesy, sciencey holidays like Pi Day and Mole Day. Holidays are fun. When they are at their best, they also teach us something. Religious and civic holidays are meant to transmit lessons – think of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Passover, Memorial Day, and Christmas. Some do a better job than others (I’m looking at you Columbus Day). Why shouldn’t our sciencey holidays also convey meaning about the thing they are representing?

Think about this exchange:

Me: Happy Phi Day!

You: What is “Phi Day”?

How we respond depends on which day we choose for Phi Day. Continue reading “Happy Phi Day! Take 3”

Happy Holidays from the Finch and Pea


Dear Punters,

A very Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to those who celebrate, and a happy new year to all from The Finch & Pea.

Thank you for joining us this year to share science-y art, music, travel, poetry, animals, and food, along with notes and reflections on the major events and findings of the year in science. And some lolcats.


The Finch & Pea Staff (Josh Witten, Mike White, Marie-Claire Shanahan, Eva Amsen, Michele Banks, Heidi Smith, Ben Witten, and  Sarah Naylor)

PS – Special thanks to our friend @itsjusttracy for decorating Chemistry Cat’s lab

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