“You’re gonna suck…”

You’re gonna suck…And the best it was ever described to me was actually at a kids summer camp. And the guy said, “Ok, here is how you do it. You’ve got an editor in your brain. That editor, you make a deal with the editor. That’s your self-conscious editor that’s telling you this sucks, this sucks, this is going to suck. Don’t do it. That guy, you ask him to leave the room. He doesn’t get to be in the room; but your deal is, when he comes in tomorrow he gets to bring his hatchet. He gets to bring a chainsaw and do whatever he wants. He can cut the whole thing. He can cut it all except for one syllable. He can do whatever he wants to, but today is yours. So, you just write everything you want to and tomorrow the asshole’s coming back with his hatchet.” And, I think that’s really useful because so many ideas are stopped. What are you afraid of? What’s so scary about having a shitty idea?

Ben Folds discussing failure as part of the creative process on The Nerdist Podcast

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