Exploratorium opens in a new location

Tomorrow, the Exploratorium in San Francisco opens its doors in a new location at Pier 15.

Look how incredibly awesome the new building is going to be.

Because it isn’t yet open, no science tourists have been there yet, but it’s a good time to look back at both the old venue and some of the Exploratorium’s online ventures.

I visited the old location, at the Palace of the Fine Arts, in 2008, but I had virtually met the museum before that.

For a few years, the Exploratorium website listed a selection of interesting science websites. They put up a new list once every while, and yours truly once made the list! Easternblot.net was one of the “ten cool sites” on the Exploratorium website in June 2007! (That was when I updated it much more often…)

Proof from the WayBackMachine!
Screen shot 2013-04-14 at 23.06.10

So when I visited in 2008, I knew I would like the museum, because the museum liked me! And indeed, I saw some cool stuff there:

Lessons from the lab
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