This is Good Rugby

Actually, this is GREAT rugby. On a weekend when a very committed Italy defeated a disinterested France in the Six Nations, the highlight was Chris Paterson‘s try saving tackle against Ben Foden (one of the most dangerous runner’s in the Northern Hemisphere) in the England v Scotland test. This is fabulous defense. Poor Dr. Mrs. Rugbyologist was forced to watch this at least seventeen times. You should watch at least once.

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Chwarae Teg neu Budr

The big controversy from the weekend, amongst rugbyphiles[1], was about Jonathan Davies (center for Wales) tripping Chris Ashton (wing for England) in their recent Six Nations[2] match. Tripping is illegal in Rugby (but not in Glastonbury[3]) and considered quite dangerous, leading fans to wonder/worry whether Davies would be disciplined for the incident[4], seen here:

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