Downton allegory

"Downton Abbey" Promotional PosterWhat I got from Season 3 premier (Spoilers) of Downton Abbey is that the Crawleys are an exceptionally good-looking version of Goldman Sachs desperate for a bailout to rescue them from a financial disaster created by their own poor decision to invest to heavily in one trendy sector because they are either “job creators” or “too big to fail” or both. The lesson for the US financial industry is that they could get average Americans to support them by wearing more vintage gowns, letting their most Mr. Bates-y executive go to prison, and having Maggie Smith handle their public relations.

*For the record, I do know this is not really an allegory. Accuracy, however, had to give way to the perceived wit of the title.

**Originally posted at The Paltry Sapien.

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