(Political) Science Caturday: Kittehs of the World, Unite!


Yesterday was May 1, also known as International Workers’ Day, a celebration of labor and the working classes that is promoted by the international labor movement. Although it is barely celebrated in the US, it’s a big deal in communist and socialist countries, with parades and festivities, and of course, a day off work. Every day is a day off work for cats, so let’s just say they celebrate this one on behalf of their humans, who trudge off to work each day to earn the money to provide noms, warm pillows and fluffy mice.


As a side note, the popularity of memes like Lenin Cat and Chairman Meow demonstrates the enduring appeal of the punchy graphic design, if not the actual theory and practice, of communism. Score one for the artists, who are generally among the most downtrodden workers of all.

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